The One About Purpose


Have you figured this one out yet? Your calling, or passion? What you’re meant to do with your life? I’d say for me it’s been about finding the difference between my hobbies and career. I admire those that were able to figure this out at a young age and master their craft into a profession!


I’ve noticed that when I’m doing what I truly enjoy, or speaking about it to my friends, I’m at ease. I’m having fun! I’m sharing and hoping to add value or learn something new to get better…


To continue that discovery of our passion, here are a few tips I’ve found helpful;

Practice To Get Better.

Do as much research as you possibly can. Talk to as many people in that area and practise. Practise not to get perfect, but better. I love the idea of giving myself permission to fail. Try something new and trust your gut.

Be willing to serve and go the extra mile to put a smile on your client’s face!


Attention To Detail.

From your individual style, energy and behavior, down to every last detail like how you send an email; presentation is critical. My mum is always stressing this one. If you care about what you do, you’re going to invest time to present in the best way possible.


Step By step:

Plan for aspects of your career, or at least have a goal. It makes it harder if you no direction. I’m sure you’ve set some goals for yourself many times, and if you’re like me keeping get frustrated if things aren’t going your way. We need long and short term goals. Be your own cheer-leader every step of the journey 🙂


Re-invent Continuously

I keep going back to Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller’s “What Great Leaders Know and Do”.  This book taught me many things, part of which is to continue building my knowledge and skills. Whether you work for a company or for yourself, develop a passion for your own growth.Stay focused, remain humble, invest in yourself and learn all aspects of your business. Also, whether being assigned to a project or creating your own, projection is key.



Stay productive,


Photography: Walter Photography

Heels: Buqisi-ruux

Jumpsuit: My sister’s Closet

Makeup: Glam By Mi

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