The One About A Fresh Start


Every now and then, I’ve learned to take time off. To stay still and plan the next best move. Letting someone else define your success and failure is overwhelming.  You’re allowed to change your goals, plans and make changes when you feel the need! It’s easy to forget that we are the source of our own happiness! To get so tangled up in the game, we feel like we’re drowning.Towards the end of the year, I caught up in the chase. The need to make sure that each of my goals was on track, despite everything not going my way. Having those long to-do lists and wanting so many things to go my way became a distant dream.






I was watching a clip about Oprah’s success, where she said “Dear Beautiful brown skin girl, I look into your eyes and I see the light and hope of myself…If I could say anything to you, it would be; Relax. It is going to be okay.”

Relax it is going to be okay. I love this because we can get so wound up on this hustle or pursuit of our dreams that we never enjoy the journey.







Keep surrounding yourself with positive voices that inspire and guide you in the right direction.

Stay beautiful,


Photography: Walter Photography

Heels: Buqisi Ruux

Top: Wool worths

Jeans: Sunset Arcade

Makeup: Glam By Mi

Location: Metropole Hotel

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