5 Amazing Things About Zip-lining In Mabira


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Hope the week has been kind to you. Happy Love-month my darlings, I’m so glad its February already for several reasons …we can get into later.

First, I’d like to reminisce on this past weekend where my family and I went ziplining- my mum too(because she’s cool like that)! We got up early on Saturday and drove to Lugazi where Hussein our guide from Griffin Falls was kind enough to wait by the road and guide us to the falls. Arthur, Tasha and I knew many of our friends had done it before and it’s extremely safe and fun!

After a 20 minute drive in Lugazi we got to the griffin falls reception. We were welcomed and asked to pick a guided walk, mountain bikes and ziplining. We chose ziplining. Hussein gave us the intro talk and explained the way we’d swing from one point to next, after which they brought us our gear, strapped us in and off we went.


It’s a 10 min walk to the start point of the zip lines from the reception.

The course had six zip lines. However, first we had to climb this daring slim tree which made getting to the top SO worth it.

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By the time you get to the top, if you’re bound to chicken out, this might be the time.

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We had no idea what to expect, but once you’re up and pumped on adrenaline you’re ready to go!


↑ (could I be less-excited?)

So here are 5 things you could consider to make the swing from tree to tree amazing;

  1. Look out for the edges where you land and raise your legs and feet! I have a bruise on my knee to prove it. Nothing major, but still painful!
  2. Wear comfortable clothing obviously, and sneakers for the brief walk
  3. Brace yourself for the short climb up the tree, which seemed high but once you’re up, not so much.
  4. Pop out your arms, flip upside down and pull out those stunts..
  5. Plan for lunch in advance…we found out you need to call and make lunch plans. I wish they offered refreshments though. →I’d be glad to share Hussein’s number 😉

It was incredibly fun. Everything (except looking down at first) felt so safe which made it more enjoyable. The guides are extremely helpful and encouraged us to try all sorts of stunts. I’d definitely do this again -as soon as my leg is better.




Have you been ziplining in Mabira or elsewhere? Are you thinking about going? Tag me if you do go, on Instagram @chocolatyprints 🙂

Have a great weekend,



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