Malawian Skies

Sun n sand

Happy 27 days into the New Year!  Ha ha! Forgive the silence. I’ve been REALLY caught up, but have thought about my blog several times. Actually a lot… I went through some stuff towards the end of the year, nothing major. It was a time of loss for many from my family and friends, which made me start to think (over think) then suddenly go quiet.

2015 was a good and bad year. I have had time to absorb 2016, and I’m excited. I want to dare more and fear less. I have so much to be thankful for this year, and will start the tales with the mini-holiday/ work trip I had recently.


If we’re friends on Instagram, you’ll know I had the pleasure of travelling to Malawi-beautiful Malawi! It was for work, but I managed to enjoy it…

The night before my trip, I’d watched all these videos about travel, how to pack light, what to expect, just so that I’m absolutely ready. I was a bit anxious to travel on my own. Thankfully Malawi isn’t out of Africa, which I came to appreciate.  We planned to be at the airport really early, so I set my alarm which… DID NOT go off! The one time I needed it to wake me up. I was able to get ready in time to make it with the team to the airport-phew!

We landed at Kamuzu Banda International airport in Lilongwe.  After a long drive to our destination, on roads lined with beautiful trees and hills.





We stayed at the Sun n Sand Holiday resort, which was so sunny with the most beautiful white sandy beaches, calm people, camels (which I didn’t get to ride) and a range of other activities that I found out about at the reception. You could settle for a walk or swim as I did as you watch the sunset (again, I’m a sunset-lover so this was more than enough for me)


Since I was really busy at the workshop, I didn’t have much time to explore. We went on an exciting safari on the last day, at Mvuu camp which made me think of several scenes in lion king. We got to see Zebras, Warthogs, hippos, different birds, crocodiles and deer.





We drove around hoping to catch some elephants, but could only find their footprints and shredded trees they had trumped on.





On boat ride back to the car from the safari was the most picturesque sunset!

Another amazing place we got to dine at was SUNBIRD which wasn’t too far from where we were  staying.





The food here is wonderful, and they had a live band on all the nights were were there. We agreed that this was definitely a place to check out next time.

HOPEFULLY, I’ll do a lot more travel this year 🙂 but so far, what I’ve learned is this;

1.Be  more independent; going solo can be fun

2.Be fearless, whatever you think might go wrong could go wrong- it’s how will you deal with it that matters. That said do as much research as possible on the place you’ll visit and be staying.

3.Dream more, about all those places you’d like to visit ad start planning !;-)

How has the new year started off for you? What are your plans? Where would you like to explore?

Stay adventurous!



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