Taking Stock 13


Life lately involves keeping up with whatever is happening at my new job. I finally got my contract after a LONG wait, hence this slack on my blogging. I actually decided it would be best to put blogging on hold for a few weeks, despite how much I’d like to. That pretty much sums up my November. Busy! A good kind of busy…productive-busy!

The new year ahead  is both exciting and terrifying for me. 2015 has been a roller coaster of sorts, but perhaps the most amazing thing that’s happened for me is this new amazing work role and being able to keep up my blog going this far.

Making : 2016 blogresolutions about redesign, direction and goals. Been a rollercoaster year, with highs and lows where I had to pace myself. Excited to see what 2016 brings.
Cooking Eating: so much more lately and apparently people seem to be noticing… had about three people comment on my weight. In my defense, it’s the festive season people- maybe i’ll lay the desserts or not. lol!
Drinking :
tea, standard. A friend bought me some amazing apple-flavored tea which I’m so far loving
and learning some interesting stuff on the dynamics in social media in “No Bullshit Social Media” by  Jason Falls & Erik Deckers. Also, finally got my hands on Chimamanda’s “Americanah” which I’ve not been able to put down this weekend.
Wanting: to get as much as I possibly can, done in time
for the perfect way to braid or style my hair that could last about 2 and a half months?
Or should I say jammin’ to Only Fuse ODG and Naughty Boy- Runnin'(Lose it all) Ft. Beyonce
that next time I need my passport renewed, I’ll do ASAP! Leaving this to the absolute last minute was not the best decision. I hate you procrastination!
my plans/day-dreams would suddenly come true
the view… there’re some mean-looking monkeys trying to crawl up my office window! 
for the right time to plait my hair
the work I’ve managed to get done so far, hoping to get alot more done
how it’s possible that I have a crush on two completely different guys
Tasha’s dedication to the gym these past few months
how I will financially sustain myself 3 years from now? Will I remain in this role? Is this what I really want/need?
a new make-up collection;lipstick, foundation, mascara, all of it.
new sneakers would bring justice to my feet and knees and life!
HOMELAND! I can’t get enough of this show…
Hoping: to play this minimalism game this month with you guys! Anyone in, let me know so we can start 🙂 
God’s amazing favor over me
at the fact that my days of healthy eating seem to be behind me…What happened 
more of Chimamanda’s books in my life
Sola’s ability to successfully chase down these monkeys
a not-so-fresh scent off this guy
and keeping entertained every evening, with my cup of tea by episodes on #Myopinion have you watched these guys?Young & Interesting bunch that discuss different topics revolving around African issues
my overuse of exclamation points!
that I love my family more than anything else!
this year went by waaay too fast
everything about this Geekfest I love their creativity, plus I’d love to do what presenter Danine does. Coolness!
my desk
more sleep lately which feels amazing
the little ants crawling up from my desk. Doesn’t matter how many times I clean it… they seem to have found a home
excited/motivated about a research project I’m set to assist with in January, related to Gender and organisations. THANK YOU Hege 🙂

Opening: my mind and heart up, to new experiences
on a banana
others in anyway we can is what we should try for as a new years resolution-don’t you think?
3 different kinds of birds probably retiring for the day, so that’s my que.

Happy festive month,


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