The Creative Cookery Competition

Hello my hungry friends, what’s cookin’?

Photography: Aisha Nakato

It’s been a while since I made a full recipe from scratch. I miss my cupcake-making days. In general I miss my baking days.

Besides the weekend lunches at home, I miss looking through cook books, watching the Food network and finding my way around some fun recipes. The best was trying out something completely new and improvising with what we had in the pantry which would turn out beautifully… Sometimes the ingredients we least expect blend together beautifully.

I don’t know about you, but a good meal has the power to light up my day instantly.


So here’s a cool way for us to get creative in the kitchen. The African Centre for Economic Transformation and Pardee RAND Graduate School (Pardee RAND) are running an initiative to explore ways to bring back our traditional grains of like Sorghum and Millet to the dinner table.

Is there a recipe you’ve made using millet or sorghum? It could be a winner, 🙂 for any of these 4 categories:

Professional Chef Category- A recipe by a professional Chef

Youth “Foodie”Category- A recipe by a young foodie

Commercial Category- A ready-to-eat product for the commercial market

Student Innovator Category- A product concept

All you would need is to enter this brief information;

  1. Your Contact information and A short background about yourself
  2. The Full list of ingredients
  3. The Full recipe of how to prepare the dish or product
  4. The length of time it takes to prepare
  5. A list of all the necessary cooking items needed to prepare the dish or product

To a submission form here

The last day to enter the contest is December 04, 2015, which is pretty close so I’d say start yesterday!


This is being done in collaboration with Saladin Media and Africa Innovations Institute (AfII) and Resilient Africa Network (RAN)

If you are a chef (or have some chef-pals)  or the ultimate creative that enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes, definitely check out this competition on the 11th Dec at the Golf Course Hotel.

Stay awesome,


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