Countdown To Kampala Cocktail Week: 5 Cocktails We Should Try

With the holidays here, we will each find ourselves dinning out more and of course looking for that perfect drink that will blend beautifully with our meal. It’s fair to say that this is the season for the pros to exude passion behind the counter.There was a VIP tasting last week, hosted by the Pearl Guide at Mythos Greek and Taverna and yours truly managed to attend despite a nasty sore throat.

It’s much better now, but I just couldn’t resist the invite to sip on something pretty at one of my fave places to dine…We were given score cards to fill out the mystery ingredient, in each of the cocktails, as we munched on some delicious bites.



I got to learn that the Kampala Cocktail week, is going to be an exciting week for Kla peeps to celebrate 10 days with a fancy cocktail from any of the 15 top bars. Organised by the Pearl Guide and sponsored by Ugandan Waragi, the first ever cocktail week will run from 3rd to 12th December.

Without further chit-chat, ladies and gentlemen, here are 5 cocktails I plan on jazzing up my #klacocktailweek;

  1. The “Jamaican Juice”  sitting pretty at Que Pasa; Is a blend of white rum, gin, sweetened Hibiscus tea, Fresh lime, infused with mint… Yaaass! *I’ll look so cool holding this!


2.The ever so elegant “UG Passion” at Emin Pasha: is a combination of Uganda Waragi, Honey, Syrup, Lemon juice and Mint leaves. I can picture myself with this bad-boy by the pool on a sunny afternoon…

12063054_780270218785443_790125091_n3. The “UG Old-fashioned” boldly smiling at Big Mikes: Is a mix of Uganda Waragi, Sugar Syrup, Orange Zest and Bitters Cherry. Dubbed the real man’s drink, they’ve switched whiskey for Uganda waragi to give it it’s refined taste…

11249645_813130625499931_605904250_n4.The daring “Lady Killer” from The Mist Bar: Is a lusciously fruity, tropical-flavoured cocktail, with Gin, Cointreau, Apricot Brandy, Passion Juice and Pineapple Juice. Ooo-lala!

12276808_1653128218291745_436405514_n5.The breezy “1982” from Piato: Which has whisky, triple Sec, lime cordial and grenadine Syrup.  Also their The River Nile collection(not pictured here)


SO now you know! I hope we’ll get to bump into each other during the week 😉  Which cocktails do you plan on tasting? What’s your fave so far?  I think the cocktail week is also a great way for us to test our bartenders and mixologists’ mixing skills! If they can create something from spirits and botanicals that puts smiles on your faces job well done!

Photography: The Pearl Guide

Happy almost-cocktail week!


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