Taking Stock 11

Birthday month! Birthday month! Birthday month! It’s actually not as exciting as it’s always been; perhaps I’m actually maturing? My birthday is on the 18th and all I can think of is the fact that I haven’t been able to achieve what I’d hoped to at this point in my life… Speaking of unachieved goals, I have a pile of those. Maybe that’s what’s been dragging me down these past few days. September was a unique month. Extremely unique, that I remember having a good long cry at one point, which REALLY helped. It was overdue. It all just came out one night, after I’d been over-thinking -a flood of endless tears from my eyes and nose. Ugghhh! I had swollen eyes the next morning, but felt great…great to cry about the things I can’t change, hope for but don’t have, plans not going according to plan, everything! Now that I think about it, it’s rather silly, but it felt good to sort of unleash the load of unresolved/hard-to-explain emotions.  #solongsombreseptember Welcome October 🙂

My goal this month is to appreciate my friends. I feel like I’ve gotten so busy with work, that we hardly connect anymore.

Making (much-needed): plans to meet the girls on Saturday

Cooking Eating: a bowl of corn flakes

Drinking: my second glass of Agashya passion juice (thank you Bella and Jack)

Reading: presentations from a just concluded symposium on vocational pedagogy I had the pleasure of organising, with an amazing team, at Kyambogo University where we also launched our Lego Education Center.


Wanting: a long chilled weekend filled with pampering, massages and epic sceneries. I don’t ask for much…

Looking: at pictures from my cousin’s wedding last weekend and can’t believe the day came and was over so soon; she had a beautiful wedding where close family came together and I was reminded for a brief second that maybe this love-thing will happen for all us! Lol! Also that lavender is such a pretty colour and that Zimbabwe should be my next destination to visit


Deciding: that braiding my hair was a wise decision

Wishing: all my birthday wishes would come true (I have 5 wishes, that I need to someday turn into reality)

Enjoying: this Smile 4G mifi I got yesterday, which means my free & fast wifi-hunt days could be over (ha ha! Never…)

Waiting: to see how all this plays out

Liking: the sweet discovery that my blog was nominated as Best Writer/Blogger Of The Year for the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards

Wondering: if my friends miss me as much as I do or if we’re all just getting busier with our own routines

Loving: that I’m learning to be more independent and in control of my life

Pondering: why I just haven’t had the inspiration to write these past few days…hiatus!

Watching: an episode of Empire, then Blackish and Modern family in that exact order

Hoping: to get better at Photoshop and some other cool apps with time and lots of practice

Marvelling: at another amazing sunset

Following: an interesting talk show about opinions on Co-habiting by couples in Africa

Noticing: I haven’t been reading & writing as much as I need to in my notepads.

Knowing: I need to come up with a clear financial plan sooner than later!

Snacking: on an apple

Have a spectacular work-week,


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