How Ugandan Materials Weaved Simply Earth Beauty


Congratulations on braving this new week! I hope your weekend was as fun and relaxing as mine. This past Thursday, I was invited to attend the launch of a new Balungi Uganda collection, called Simply Earth. You’ve probably seen me wear their jewelry on Instagram, or this post I did about their creative journey in April.


Photography By: Giulio Molfese



It was an amazing day to come out with our hands itching to take home some bold pieces from the Balungi Simply Earth collection at a super cozy get-together of close friends and Balungi friends and family at Kololo, from about 10:00am to 4:00pm. We got to witness Eve’s blossoming creativity that has grown on us, with each piece she unveils. From all across the globe, especially in Uganda, Balungi is continuing to fill ladies with love and beauty. There are different ways that the jewelry makes us fill beautiful and catches our eye.




Balungi designs come in all shapes, curves and colors. There are also custom-made creations, in mostly necklaces and earrings designed for special occasions which always turn out beautifully! Designer Eve is always open to make anything, which makes it more fun! This year, Balungi has broadened out to more than jewellery and accessories, to making some cute interior décor, as well as design packaging.



Speaking of packaging, I got to meet Jagoda Nowak, from Eostre healing teas, a brand whose graphics and design was beautifully packaged by Balungi. She is qualified as a Naturopathic Physician, Master Herbalist and Master Iridologist in Boulder, Colorado. Eostre offer unique blends of African herbs, made in Uganda. I also had the pleasure of having a cup of Balance flavor which has guava leaf and cinnamon while chatting with Jogada who told me about the healing effects in each flavor.



I wasn’t the only one enjoying the tea after a delightful serving of lunch. We had a lovely buffet and dessert where I got to meet some amazing ladies. Kathy who works at the German Embassy in Kampala heard about Balungi from her friend Cara. She was buying her friend back home presents in the UK, which she said would definitely stand out.



Inspired by the beauty of Uganda and the richness of its materials, Balungi is skillfully creating an extraordinary brand of products sourced from natural, organic, recycled Ugandan materials like banana fiber, recycled paper and bark cloth with a splash of all the colors of the rainbow.




Several pieces were sold,like this beautiful neck piece being a favorite for most ladies. The Simply Earth showcase truly depicted a great way to use Uganda’s natural materials, to design a product line.  The ladies and I each agreed that Balungi has excelled at offering a wide range of products that reflect our Ugandan beauty.



The Balungi shop was first opened on the 5th of October 2013, by Eve at the Buganda Road craft market born out of love for what she does. “I think that’s the passion or aim in life you should have. I never count my hours. Actually my daily activities are pushed by a dream. Balungi’s dream and goal is to grow into a sustainable company which reflects Uganda’s beauty, known globally for its variety of product lines.” She remarked.




It was truly inspiring to see how far she has journeyed with her creative pieces to this point, nurturing her passion.

Have a beautiful week,


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