Happy Birthday Chocolaty Prints!
Happy Anniversary with WordPress!
You registered on WordPress.com one year ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
This time last year(18/10/2014) Chocolaty Prints was born… Literally 🙂 awesome right?
 By this time last year, I was finding my way around the blogger world. It was something I’d always wanted to do, that sort of exploded out of me. I couldn’t put it off any longer… at the time, my brother Arthur, gave me that kick-in-the-butt speech I’d needed to get things moving (he’s the BEST!)
A year later and I’ve made so many friends, both online and face to face, that i’m overwhelmed with joy. Meeting someone for the first time with a big smile, saying “you’re that blogger…chocolaty-something!”Ha ha! Always makes my day.
 Chatting with my close friends now, is so much easier when they call me out or ask what’s been going on in my life. My year of blogging has helped me appreciate my beautiful country, it’s people, food and different sights.
 If you asked what the goal of my blog is, it would be to create a happy, loving and inspirational space. A space where you can learn about our culture and people in my view…to do it in the most creative way I can.
Enough about the blog birthday,lol! Back to my actual birthday celebrations…I had an amazing birthday dinner at Tamarai with some of my close friends who I’m SO thankful for. Honestly, I can’t describe how lucky I am to have each of you in my life. I’m not  sure they’ll all read this, but they know who they are I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Thank you for the calls, messages,lunches, presents and cake! Oh-so yummy cake! 🙂
I’m blessed to have had supportive friends and family cheering me on through this year. I can’t say thank you enough! Maybe that explains why I haven’t been able to put the post together…a week later lol! I’m sure I’ve expressed how awesome you all are…
I had an amazing birthday week *smiles
Wait! There’s more exciting news. The week after my birthday, I was invited to a press launch for the upcoming Kampala Restaurant Awards, where the best restaurants are set to take home trophies come 25th November 2015 at the Serena Hotel Kampala.
Organised by Hellofood with Pepsi, Robertson Winery, Done deal, Sanyu FM, Brussels Airlines, MTN and Shell Gas, our favorite restaurants will be nominated in respected categories like Best Fine Dining, Best of Africa Cuisine, Best New Restaurant, Best Beer, and Best Wine Brand, Best Ugandan Cuisine, Best Customer Service, Best Value for Money, Best Indian Cuisine, Best Asian Cuisine, Best Pizzeria, Best Food On The Go, Best Café/Deli, Best Bar Food, Best Ugandan Cuisine and Restaurant of the Year.
I can’t wait to see to see who takes home the prestigious Restaurant of the year!
Have a beautiful week,
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