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This week on  #chocolatynaturals I’m sharing my beautiful friend Faith’s natural hair journey. We have been friends for nearly as long as she has had her natural hair…. After 6 years as a natural, I asked her what tips and tricks she uses, and how she maintains such thick and soft curls…

Name: Faith Kanyana

Dream Job: Public Relations Guru

Passionate about: Fashion. Looking good!

Currently listening to: A mix from supremacy sounds


How it all begun…

I fell in love with my natural hair texture back while I was at campus, after I had plaited it for several months, and saw how thick and healthy it had grown. I finally let it out and it had grown long and it was thick and soft.I was really impressed having had treated hair for a sometime. Most of my friends and course mates by then had sleek relaxed hair, so I was happy to stand out with a curly and puffy ponytail 🙂


How long she has been a natural…

I have had my hair natural for 6 years now. Wow! I can’t believe I’ve had it for this long


How she keeps it healthy…

I do treatment monthly while changing from TCB Naturals Hair and Scalp Conditioner to LORRYS to BOTANICAL MARROW and MAYONNAISE. I also oil weekly and do washing depending on how dirty it is. Say twice a month. I also enjoy braiding my hair (medium box braids) once in a while. I usually this with conrows as well.



Her top 5 favourite things about having natural hair…

  • There is no need to  go to the salon as much, since most of the care can be done on my own in the comfort of my home 🙂
  • You can always opt for methods like ironing it out to have it straight once in a while, to get that amazing style you’ve been dying to try out
  • It can be styled to look just as good as treated hair with the right touch; products and skill
  • You don’t go retouch and get burnt. You just do treatment and you’re good to go.
  • Most important, is that it keeps you looking young!



Her view of the perception of natural hair in Uganda…

People think it is fake and not cool. So ‘’high school’’ because you hold puffs all day.

That is wrong. There are people who don’t even believe I have natural hair because it looks good and neat. You just have to give it the right touch.


Whether she has considered treating it or adding chemicals…

Yes! Many times as I was trying to grow it out, it was hard for me to comb and maintain. I had not yet discovered the various products that work for my texture. I’m so glad I never gave in to the temptation!


 Tips and tricks from her natural hair journey…

Patience is key. I’d also say that maintaining a good diet has been extremely helpful. No amount of supplements can replace your fresh fruits and veggies! Keep guzzling those litres of water and filling up on your fave salads! Natural foods always have the best vitamins.


 I hope you have started off your week on a positive note. If you have any questions for my beautiful friend Faith, do leave her a comment below!



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