Taking Stock 10!


It’s going to be a sweet September! Come on, say it with me IT’S GOING TO BE A SWEET September! Yeah, that’s the spirit 🙂 So about last month’s goals, here’s an honest account of what I managed to achieve;

Goal 1- Great progress

Goal 2- Very little progress, I see sweets and go crazy

Goal 3- No progress, as I’m failing to find time to myself

Goal 4- Steady progress

An oh-so wise Ms. Laura suggested that I take on 1 goal each month, so as to build it into a habit. I loved that idea so much that decided to give it a try- thank you so much Laura! 🙂

This month my goal is to keep up with my exercise and try to eat healthy. What are some of your goals?

Making: silly faces in the mirror has cheered me up

Cooking Eating: a bowl of cereal with way more milk than I needed

Drinking: more water to help with this headache

Reading: about ways to relieve itchy braids

Wanting: a change of scenery somewhere far faar away…yeah, I have a serious case of wanderlust

Looking: to buy a helmet after I fell off a “boda-boda” last week, in the middle of Acacia road Kololo, in the 5:00pm traffic jam. It was ridiculous the way we both fell off because the guy wasn’t speeding, but was trying to squeeze his way in and was jolted by a small water truck. I’m so glad I didn’t panic and managed to get off in one piece!

Deciding:  that listening to this Lifehouse album as I work is mandatory, I absolutely love them!

Wishing: decisions in this establishment were made and implemented a little faster – waiting is so frustrating sometimes but I guess that’s the way it is

(Appreciating)Enjoying: my new office space; where there are less interruptions and I’m able to concentrate on my tasks

Waiting: to get home and take a long bath then a much needed nap

Liking: that I see some beautiful cows on my way to work and while I’m walking along the road these days

Wondering: why there are so many cows grazing on my side of town lately and if I should buy one

Loving: that I get to spend time with the most adorable little pup named Sola –he was adopted by my 3 amazing workmates/friends Hege, Sebastian and Anders who were so kind to give him a home (snapped here after he had just woken up)


Pondering: whether to leave my bedroom windows open tonight so I’m not melting under the covers tonight

Considering: saying less in some situations and listening more

Watching: old episodes of Parks and recreation, failing to see what my sister said about seeing a bit of me in Leslie Nop (whom I love btw)

Hoping: that my awfully sick uncle will be feeling better by the time we go visit him this weekend

Marvelling: at God’s amazing wisdom

Cringing: at this annoying little thing on the side of my finger nail

Questioning: whether this is meant to be

Following: a fascinating documentary about the goliath frog, which is mostly in Nigeria,

Noticing: I set extremely high life and career goals/dreams, which seem harder and harder to achieve in reality

Knowing: it’s okay to set these goals and make steady progress…

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Thinking: SO much! About many things all at the same time

Admiring: Bisila Bokoko whom I discovered in a Forbes Africa article, ‘Everyone told me I was crazy’ she makes wine with an African accent in Spain and sells it to China. She described starting her own company as a risk with no regrets… I’m so inspired

Feeling: slightly more motivated, after listening to other people’s experiences. I wish people would share more

Snacking: on roasted binyebwa

Have a sweet sweet September,


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