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Lately I’ve been inspired by other naturals, so meeting Mary after we connected on Instagram was an absolute delight! Mary Damulira is in her final year, studying public health at Cavendish University. Her dream job is to own her own beauty products brand.

Here’s our brief chat about her hair and how she rocks it backed with a collection of fun shots in Balungi pieces, we managed to capture on a beautiful day…


How it all begun…

I realized I wanted to go natural when my straight hair started to thin and change colour. I was so bored, with the chemicals I had to apply on my scalp every month to keep it straight. The salons and the driers were becoming a nightmare! Let’s just say I started to hate saloon and dreaded visiting them.

I love the fact that I can now wash my hair everyday in my own time and creatively style it with my own products.



Her hair routine and how she keeps her hair healthy…

I have type 4c natural hair. I used to hate the shrinkage when I had just started growing my hair but I now know how to manage it.


I wash my hair twice a week, or even more depending on how much time I have available. I use a paraben free shampoo or vinegar when I don’t wash out all my natural oils. Vinegar works just fine. I use an all natural hair shampoo, apply a conditioner for 3 minutes (Tresemme or Pantene conditioner) which softens it really well and makes it easy to deal with after the wash.


After my hair is freshly washed I apply a mixture of oils, natural olive oils straight from my kitchen, lol, shea butter, glycerine and coconut oil in a spray bottle with water.




I also recently started using NISSI hair products, which are made by a Ugandan naturalista whom I imagine understands textures better. Her products are really great by the way, for enhancing natural curls. They work right away and give me bouncy true curls.


On days when I have time to do a deep treatment, which consists of honey, egg, yoghurt, baking soda and a conditioner usually tresemme, I leave that in for 2 hours. I usually use that time to do a mask on my face with the NISSI facial scrub mask, which is 100% natural. Then I rinse out with warm water ad do a three strand twist and let the hair dry out all night. I untwist in the morning and that’s how I complete this final look.


 The reactions from her family, friends and colleagues…

My friends and family didn’t think I made a good decision going natural, because they thought I wouldn’t look so good compared to when I had the straight hair. I however was confident and comfortable with my natural hair.



On whether there’re any moments of doubt about her natural beauty…

Yes I won’t deny there are moments of doubt about my natural beauty especially when I walk into a lounge and see ladies with long wavy weaves and bangs and start to think “maybe I look basic, maybe I’m not beautiful.” But these same people come up to you asking what you do to your hair and how you do it. And they get inspired.



Her hair goals…

I’d love to do an updo of only my hair without an extension. And a pin and tuck updo.


Lessons from her natural hair journey…

Patience patience! Sometimes the procedures we watch on You-tube don’t bring out the result we were expecting on our own hair. Until you discover your own tricks.

Have the patience to discover your style and what works best for you. We all have different textures of beautiful hair. Be ready to try different things all together. I love head wraps and their versatility which comes naturally for me and makes feel so me. And African! I do not have good hair. I am good to my hair.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did putting it together…

Stay super-awesome,


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