Taking Stock 09


Ahh August, I cheerfully welcome you but don’t fully understand you yet. I’d sum up July as a month where I’ve continued to set goals that have turned into wishes after not taking initiative to implement them which is why I’m pumped to revive myself in August! My list of goals this month includes;

  1. Walk 50km- I had a running buddy who moved, so I’ve been less motivated to go walking, but slowly gotten used to going on my own
  2. Limit my sugar cravings and increase my water intake
  3. Read a book for fun
  4. Schedule more meetings and follow up on what we discuss to then deliver results

SO now I’ll be asking myself what steps I can take to achieve goal #1, or goal #4, and not setting too many goals because great as they may seem on paper they’ve just piled up as these things I’ve failed at over time….

Making: excellent progress in the reading and writing department according to my elevate performance (I just scored 8584 in the agility test yippee!…the maths sections however is still at intermediate!

Cooking: these amazing Irish potatoes from Kabale with binyebwa (G-nuts) and cabbage for lunch

Drinking: a small bottle of water- I need to drink more than just a bottle

Reading Studying: about vocational action research and how it’s applicable in Ugandan institutions (for work)

What are you currently reading?

Wanting: the weather to stay like this for many more days to come

Looking: forward to receiving some good news any day now…

Deciding: to spend a few minutes each day to affirm those around me even in the simplest of ways and make them feel appreciated

Wishing: I could find more people that appreciate the clouds and their beauty as much as I do; I recently came across a Cloud appreciation society on facebook

Enjoying: my twitter timeline mostly cause of @Pkahill and @Spartakussug who get me thinking and keep me informed.

Waiting Opening: up my heart and doing my best to live righteous

Liking: that I manage to get some sleep lately

Wondering: what the neighbours are yelling about, all I can hear is an Indian guy scream “I’m so sick and tired of you!”

(STILL) Loving: my natural hair, and the feeling of running my fingers through it, playing with it, caring for it…

Pondering: whether it will rain tomorrow and whether to prep for a cold day or not…i’ll carry the blazer just in case

Considering: buying gel to try out this really cool hair style I came across. Where one can find the Eco style Olive Oil gel in Kampala is the question of the week

Watching: NAT Geo wild lately, where I’ve learned so much about cougars and how suave and secretive they can be, they know what they want and can run like crazy! Then later caught an episode on Penguins, which are the cutest most beautiful and organised creatures ever

Hoping: to find courage to ask more questions and express what I want making no exceptions/compromise for the sake of pleasing others

Marvelling: at how different our journeys are meant to be and accepting that no amount of fussing and comparison of others can change where we are set out to be.

Cringing: at this production video filmed at a factory somewhere that shows exactly how sausages are made from scratch…gruesome stuff. I’m off meat. This time I’m serious

Questioning: some people’s intentions and advice in certain areas of my life; I’m learning that not everyone is what they seem and not to be so trusting

Following: Suits, mostly for Louise and his crazy passion for mudding amidst the other things he’s up to and Harvey’s mummy issues (surprise)

Noticing: that no experience goes to waste because it all adds up; the more you do, the more you’re building yourself

Knowing: it’s important to hold on to the current role or job you’re doing despite it not being in your skill set or particular area of interest-in order for you to keep growing and learning

Thinking: about reading some more

Admiring: President Obama’s optimism about young Africans’ efforts to transform the continent

Sorting: the fridge

Getting: into the idea of creating my 101 in 1000 list which I’ll be excited to share this month

Feeling: hopeful yet confused

Snacking: on some grapes

Hearing:  the tap in the kitchen running and so I’m off to close it…

What are some of your goals for this month? Were you able to achieve anything last month? Do share!

Have an awesome day,


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