Taking Stock 08

Chocolaty Prints David

Happy 3rd new week of July guys! I must say, it had it’s highs and lows. Both were extremes. It was a high (when two big-ish opportunities were offered to me on recommendation-one worked out and the other didn’t :-/ ) There’s something about going through two interviews and then NOT making the cut at the end that sort of takes a toll on you. Then you obviously walk around saying “It’s okay, I’m good…no biggy!” when really we all know it isn’t. That’s life.

I’m thankful that I had one win though. Made up for the high hopes I was having that were crushed.

Making: preparations for all the July birthdays coming up; SO many July babies. Are you one of them?

Cooking Eating: a fat-weirdly-shaped raisin muffin from Brood- I need to learn how to make these!


Drinking: a tall chilled glass of Ribena. Standard

Reading: more travel blogs and living off blogger’s tales; amazing how people’s experiences can feel like your own when they paint a picture with their words. I now would like to go to Portugal for the snails  Italy for the view and go Snorkeling in Gili Meno! FYI, this list just keeps growing longer.

Wanting: people to deliver on their promises and put some effort into getting things done faster.

Looking: through my options other than placing my eggs in one basket- we aren’t meant to have one destiny. We make our destiny

Deciding: to make the most out of where I am at the moment and be my own cheerleader even when things aren’t going exactly as planned

Wishing: for more strength

Enjoying: lunch with my mummy! We decided to take advantage of a Hellofood voucher i got earlier this week, and ordered from Cafe bistro I had a steak tapa and she had a chicken burger. We both agreed that Bistro does an amazing job with their packaging, though my fries were cold by the time they got here.

Chocolaty Prints

Waiting: for the bleeding on my finger to stop-I accidentally cut my middle finger and hadn’t noticed how deep the cut was till now. Who knew I had so much blood-from such a tiny cut.

Liking: the idea of taking chances and bending the rules. I need to dare more! I’ve been waiting for the right time, the right scenario and perfect setting other than just going with the flow!

Wondering: why getting some things done takes waaaaaaaaay longer than it should in Kampala. Especially in offices. Why are we so slow?

Loving: my natural hair now more than ever – except for when I was a little girl. I finally decided to chop off my relaxed hair! i’m excited to start looking after my 4C hair….#teamnatural

Chocolaty Prints natural hair

Pondering: where I’ll be by this time next year. Speaking of next year, two of my friends have brought up suggestions of their New Year’s plans which got me excited. Turns out it’s not too early to start thinking about it!

Considering: putting less pressure on myself to achieve what others have achieved; I think because I at times compare myself to others, it blinds me to what my goals are. Which is where my focus needs to be…

Watching: a show called Mind health matters, which gave me such great insights into how to deal with Panic and Anxiety attacks. It’s interesting that people feel the need to hide their mental issues when accepting the need for help can go a long way. I also learned some cool breathing techniques.

Hoping: that in what ever I do and who ever I meet and connect with; I’ll be me without apology

Marveling: at how quickly things change with time, whilst appreciating that everything happens for a reason

Cringing: at my list of un-finished tasks. This is one of those days where there’s so much to do but zero motivation

Questioning: my need to do so many things all at the same time!

Wearing: neon and grey checked leggings and a white cotton vest with mis-matched socks (as per usual)

Following: Only Rookie Blue at the moment….I’m hooked to this show. SO I guess this is it for my favourite cop-couple Tracy and Steve. When Tracy realises that Steve is the mole they’ve been looking for at the station all along, that planted the bomb.

On a brighter note, Sam finally takes Andy to Oliver’s cabin for the weekend he gets down and asks her to marry him, in the middle of their cleaning. Finally! She said yes 🙂

Noticing: that the letter ‘N’ on my laptop is frozen; so stand warned for some un-intended typos in my emails… making me appreciate the value of N’s!

Thinking: about being more consistent with my posts and not obsessing about whether they’re perfect or not.

Knowing: everything happens for a reason and that rejection doesn’t necessitate giving up

Admiring: these dancers on Tricia Miranda’s You tube channel, which makes me feel like the worst dancer ever! Dancing should be considered a sport-these moves could make for a great workout.

Sorting Deleting : all the unnecessary emails in my inbox and drafts.

Getting: a new alarm tone cause it feels like my body has grown too accustomed to this one. I need something more upbeat to jolt me out of bed. Am I the only one that takes just 10 more minutes, that turn into an hour??

Feeling: hopeful

Snacking: on the most delicious ginger cookies

Hearing Listening: to Jhnene Aiko (Comfort Inn Ending) I LOVE her music. Feels like she really puts her soul as she writes her music which is deep!

Hope you’re having a super-b month

Stay blessed,


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