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By this time last week, we were all set for the Social Media Day Kampala, in its 2nd edition which was first launched by Mashable. I had some pretty high expectations going in.

Hosted by National Water and Sewerage Cooperation in its beautiful Resource Center, we had the privilege to tour the Social Media Awards Brand of the Year winner’s aisles.

We started off in the bloggers lounge, where a panel of bloggers discussed how we can better use and create blogs. This was done in the coziest, and laid back mood. Bloggers are so cool!

Since Esther and I walked in a bit late, I bugged Joel, who was part of the organizing committee and he was kind enough to share what was discussed. Bloggers were encouraged to tell their stories, be consistent with their posts, use good grammar and share blog posts on social media. Blogging shouldn’t just be writing but we can also use video and photography to tell a story.

I hope the bloggers will be allocated more time for discussion next year, so we can share more about our experiences with blogging. I feel there’s need to encourage more creativity in blogging as Ug bloggers, especially since there’s so much to blog about!


I figure the bloggers lounge was more of a get-to-know each other session as we prepare for the panel discussion which followed. The panel was kicked off with discussion on how brands can leverage social media. It was moderated by Gaetano Kaggwa, where Illiana from Done deal Collin Asiimwe from Tonic International and Jackie Namara from Vodafone gave some great insights.

Social good which was also presented by Jay Murthy from the UNICEF was interesting to learn how Unicef are driving a social movement for children. Also doing amazing work with children and using social media to drive their campaigns is 40 days over 40 smiles, a youth led charity organisation that helps vulnerable children to access education and entrepreneurial support. Founded by Esther Kalenzi, “40 40” as it’s commonly known, uses fun social events to inspire youth to take responsibility by contributing to their cause.

Feminist Dr. Stella Nyanzi was also interesting to listen to, as she made some strong arguments about using social media to make a stand for something. I found her boldness and being herself unapologetically inspirational. She described how she uses her facebook profile to make her case.

My take-aways;

Take time and get to know your customers profile- Illiana

Social media is versatile and robust and you will get what you put in- Collin

You need to be willing to try and fail- Jackie

As a fairly new blogger on these streets, here’s how I’ve used my social media so far to build my following. It’s tough trying to stand out as a lifestyle blogger but that’s the thing about social media. It no longer feels like a load since I found the kind of content I’m passionate about, which makes it more fun. So now I’m working on regularly updating each platform when I’m most inspired (a lot) is it okay to over-share? I’m also glad I get to make some amazing virtual friends. If I had more time (which I think is everyone’s hitch) I’d share more often.




I LOVE Instagram mostly because I get to share and catch my friends up on everything about my life all in a picture’s worth.

I keep telling people the day I get a camera I’ll go NUTS! Though I try not to post too often since that can be irritating and no one wants a gazillion pictures thrown at them. Instagram is my favorite because it’s more personal, fun and I engage with those that feel close to me in the easiest way ever-pictures, with long captions, because I can!

Here at Chocolaty Prints, the goal is to create fun, informative and creative content which I feel Instagram allows me to do.


My page has 300 likes so far, which I used to fuss about, but don’t pay so much attention to anymore, but rather to talking about part. A large part of that is responding to what people would like to get clarity on from my blog posts. I also seem to get a lot of blog post ideas which are always welcome. Also, comments or suggestions when I make an error Thank you so much guys! I also do my best to make recommendations on where to buy some beauty products, which café has this or that. Note to self: check my messages more and share more of my recent posts…


Huh! I have a love-hate relationship with this one. I go on with the sole purpose to spend a few minutes responding to tweets and end up getting diverted by conversations. Everyoe is saying something ad I’m trying to listen in… I love that I get to make  #alotofthese #dependingonmymood #newblogpost #iswhatIlovetouse #sofollowme #causeIfollowback


I haven’t updated this one in a while! Yet it’s so easy to pin a photo to a board! I have some cool boards which I will be updating soon.


So far I enjoy Urban TV’s hashtag show and of course Tedx videos. That’s when I manage to resist the urge to watch beyonce do her thang!


I think setting a day or two aside to update your social media as a part-time blogger is essential.

Overall, I’d say Social Media day was a great platform for Ugandan bloggers to interact with the social media pros, put together by Ron Musoke and his team.


Great emphasis was put on using our influence positively and thinking before we post whether on Facebook or Twitter. Facebook which is extremely popular in Africa is a business where as users, we’re seeing more adverts when you sign up, which doesn’t necessarily have great impact.

Therefore brands that are passionate about connecting with people and building loyalty thrive more than the basic advertising where you are asking me to click on an ad. Face-bookers already know the brands they’re passionate about so will seek them out, and begin to connect with them.

For small businesses and big brands that seek to find new markets or advertise, using social media to connect with customers should be the most important driver in your communication strategy.

From a blogger’s perspective, know which platform works best for you, be true to yourself and please I beg you keep it fun! In honor of social media day it’s only fair you follow me on your fave platform where I promise to follow back 🙂 How are you using and lovin’ social media as a blogger? What’s your favorite platform? I’d love to hear what works for you, or some tips on how we bloggers can ace this tweeting, pinning, liking, instagramming business!

Stay awesome,



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