Our Seven Seas Delight


One of the places I didn’t get to try out during the Kampala Restaurant Week was Seven Seas at the Kampala Sheraton.

So Brenda and I agreed to give it a try as a way to usher Esther back into Kla. In case you forgot, Esther (my bestie) was away for 4 months in Nairobi where she was doing work as an Interior architect. She’s one of those people that will notice EVERY single detail in a room, from the way the roof was designed to the tables and wall frames, which led me to give Seven Seas a shot with her, for her Interior insights (the food too, wait no. The food mostly)

The restaurant atmosphere is so relaxing and beautifully designed with a really cool antiquey boat/ship in the center of the room.

We got to the Sheraton Kampala on time for dinner (guess who arrived last as usual) at 6:00pm. Esther and Brenda were seated outside, where I managed to spot them with the help of a very kind gentleman at the entrance. He was so welcoming; I wish I’d gotten his name.


We started chatting right away, as it had been waaay too long since we’d been together with mint mohitos. Brenda works in banking, I’m the blogger/communications and Esther as you know- that alone leaves so much for us to talk about. Besides work, we shared about the boys in our lives, our successes and challenges plus did some gossiping-duh!

chocolaty mohitos

The food came after a while, but we didn’t notice since we were engaged in Esther’s tales about Nairobi life.



I chose to try one of their new pastas, recommended by Grace the Gnocchi Al Amatriciana. Which was amazing (Thank you Grace) I was a little scared to try it, but surprisingly loved it. I need to try more of these pastas definitely.




Brenda had the Mushroom Gnocchi which she felt was ideal if you’re opting for something light and healthy.




Esther went with the Parmesan and Onion Raviolli which was amazing! Esther always makes the best choices…

Chocolaty 1

With a sea food platter-don’t judge us, which had a mix of prawns, Lobster, Shrimp, squid and salmon. We had to try it out at that price (about 100,000Ugx)


For dessert, we shared the Seven Seas Delight…my new favorite dessert for sure!




My Thoughts

Customer Care; 4.7/5 I was welcomed from the minute I got in and shown where to sit by a kind gentleman. I always love it when there is someone happy to show you where to sit. Makes the place feel hospitable

Location and Scenery; 4.8/5 I know you guys! I haven’t rated a place this highly in a while but can rightly say that our seats were perfect. Excellent choice by either Esther or Brenda. I loved the soothing sound of water from the fountain with fresh air outside. I haven’t been dinning out too much lately, so this was just what I needed

Food; 4.5/5 Our food portions and prices were exotic if you know what I mean. This is for my standard is the sort of place you go when you’d like splurge.

Date-worthy; 4.5/5 Like I said it has that exotic feel, for sea-food lovers and other delicacies. That dessert though! Was truly a Seven seas delight

Have you been to the Seven Seas? What did you have? I am officially a pasta fanatic…

Stay pasta-lovin’  🙂



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