That Time We Gave Ivy A Tiny Slice Of Jinja

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It’s been two weeks and I can’t believe I didn’t get a chance to share this with you guys! I trust you’re having an amazing week? Not as crazy as mine, with report deadlines and unfinished tasks with an ever growing to-do list… You gotta love life!

So about a week ago, I invited myself as my sister Tasha and her work colleagues were going to be giving Ivy (who works with them from Nairobi) a taste of Jinja. It was a much needed mental break from all the seriousness I like to call work.

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(10:00am) 20th June 2015

I literally jump out of bed and into the shower, after Tasha tells me that Sonia is en route to pick us up, so I had a few minutes to get ready. By the time I heard the car hoot three times at the gate, I had to speed out with, my handbag, an apple and pale feet. “Heey Ivy!” we both say as we get into the car.


Our car joins a queue at a Shell Fuel station. We finally see the mechanic who declares us fit to travel as he slums the bonnet shut 🙂


Our journey seemed SO LONG with the traffic, but we finally made it to Jinja


We wasted no time in getting Ivy to the source of the Nile. A ride on the boat cost us 60,000Ugx for 30 minutes. After having taken this ride a few times from the time I was a kid in school, I have a different experience each time.


The guides who of course are different every time, seem to have their own special narrative for each group. My mind can’t help but wonder away in awe of how beautiful this all is. I soak it all in, the fresh air, the clear blue sky, the beautiful birds, as he explains the genesis of it all. We’re not entirely listening to what he’s saying as we try and capture each moment in the perfect group selfie. he he





My latest discovery at the source was the crafts shop. I don’t remember that always being there. We were all too chicken to get out of the boat and buy something…



We paid for 30 minutes, but got extra :- )

After the boat ride, we stroll uphill under a cloud of thick trees back to car, all thinking the same thing-food! That boat ride seemed to have worked up an appetite. I can already picture an over-sized shimmering tilapia on my plate.

Otim asks “So where are we headed next? To which I boldy respond that I know the place but not the name so we’ll have to drive along the street hoping to find it.


As we drive along Nile Crescent to this place who’s name I can’t remember, we see Jinja Sailing Club and ask Otim if it’s worth checking out…We drive into Jinja Sailing club, and can already see an ah-mazing view of Lake Victoria, at which point Tasha says “Yeah, we’re not leaving this place to check out Karen’s place”

We sat by the lake shore next to 5 people popping champagnes.  The gardens gave us a breath-taking view of the sunset, which was super relaxing to have the breeze from the shore after a hot hot day.

I also noticed we had arrived just in time to watch the fishermen spread out their nets. The waiter arrives and we finally order, from a menu which had continental, local and Indian Tandoori dishes.

Tasha and I had a chicken tikka pizza, Sonia went for the Hawaiian Pizza with fries and coleslaw.







Ivy had the grilled fish with mashed potatoes with some pepper sauce while Otim was for the chicken burger and fries with coleslaw.




By the time the food came we were half way with one of the pizzas with the second one on the way. So much food! When we saw the waiter walking toward us with the second one, we begged him to stay and join us, but he looked at us like “ya’ll are crazy, now eat!”

He came back after 30 minutes and convinced us to try out the dessert..



I had the passion fruit cheese cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, though i should have tried it with chocolate instead.






Tasha had the chocolate mousse cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream




Ivy asked for an ice cream cone but was disappointed since it turned out to be a frozen creambell cone which she just as easily could have gotten in the supermarket. *insert angry emoji faces

I’ll have to treat myself and friends to a sunset boat cruise on Lake Victoria for my birthday after we saw a couple of people sign up ( It’s not cheap!)


We are on the road back home. I feel like Ivy didn’t get the full Jinja experience-you know, bungee jumping, rafting, quad biking and all those fun-filled activities, but she assures us that she had an amazing day.

Have you been to Jinja recently? Are you planning on going anytime soon? Let me know if they’re some gems you’ve recently discovered please!

Stay awesome,


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