Taking Stock 07


If we’re going by my daily planner, May was magnificent. Alright, maybe that’s over stating, but it slowly felt like my plans that had been tossed upside down, started to fall into place. Welcome to June guys! Let’s ignore that I’m posting this later than I usually do. Okay?  My highlight this past month was the 2 week narrative writing workshop I attended, at Uganda Press Photo Awards where we worked as writer and photographer teams on feature stories. It was an amazing experience, which I promise to share later…

I keep writing these long to-do lists, which have been great at keeping me on track. The challenge is failing to get each task done which usually sets me back, because I LOVE to get things done. I later discovered the solution was staring at me all along-in the planner! They’re these 3 questions that I’m reflecting on. These are the 3 questions I’m answering to help me stay on track, which you too could think about (we can share answers later if you like 🙂

  1. What have I been doing that I should KEEP doing?
  2. What have I been doing that I STOP doing?
  3. What have I not been doing that I should START doing?

Making: a mid-year checkpoint on how I feel about my progress for 2015 so far; I’m proud of myself for the progress I’m making

Cooking Eating: an early YUMMY dinner; thick, creamy stir fry chicken sauce with fries, that I ordered from Endiro (of course) through HelloFood

chocolaty prints4

chocolaty prints5

Drinking: you guessed right- a large cup of green tea, with Otino Waa honey

Reading: more memoirs and short stories

Wanting: a camera more than anything I’ve ever wanted; been checking out cameras online every day!

Looking: for ways to prioritise my time better, without any distractions

Deciding: Whether to mix up an avocado or honey facial mask later on

Wishing: for more travel opportunities

Enjoying: the sweet smell and sound of the rain as it hits the patio; the perfect weather to stay in with a good movie

Waiting: a few more months before I decide whether to make any drastic changes with my hair

Liking: that despite not having a serious exercise routine yet, I’ve been taking 20 minute evening walks.

Wondering: why I keep seeing stray dogs in my neighborhood lately, the other day one fearfully walked behind me with the saddest face ever! Would it be strange to take in a stray?

Loving: how energised I feel after taking a nap. I need to incorporate more of these into my day

Pondering: what it would be like to live in a new place with a completely new surrounding

Considering: taking yoga classes- I met this interesting yoga teacher the other day that offers free Yoga sessions on Wednesdays at 2:30

Watching: The Middle Season 6, episode 24 It’s Sue’s graduation day and made these huge plans leading up to her graduation party, but everything seems to be going completely wrong. Very unlike “the year of Sue” I got slightly emotional when at the graduation as she sits there, feeling low but suddenly, someone hands her her year book filled with pages of amazing remarks from people she had inspired without even realizing it… Season 7 can’t some soon enough!

Hoping: to make time on the weekends for a long swim, to relax and enjoy the weather (I’m happiest when I have the pool to myself)


Cringing: because I’m stuffed, after giving in to my craving for fries (Again) I’ve got to start eating healthier, my body demands it, to which I say -bleh

Questioning: whether I’ve let certain people get too comfortable around me- how do I now reverse this without being too obvious?

Wearing: light blue jeans with a white tank top because #chill-mode

Following: every episode of Blackish, Charlie cracks me up!

Noticing: how many people I’ve met these past couple of days through Twitter. As a social media enthusiast, there’s so much I need to learn

Knowing Realizing: that there’ll always be someone that won’t like or understand you but judge you and that’s perfectly fine- just stick to your values

Marveling: at another lovely sunrise, beautiful clouds, beautiful skies!


Thinking: about giving less hugs and more handshakes, since I honestly can’t take another awkward hug-turned-handshake situation. I saw this really nice lady who was happy to see me after a long while, stood up about to give her a hug and out came her hand for a handshake!

Admiring: pictures from recent travel adventures of my friends and family; mostly the trip my big brother took recently to Fort portal

Sorting: the fresh pile of recently washed (but not yet ironed) clothes in my wardrobe

Getting: so much more done with my phone on mute!

Bookmarking: “Everything You Ever Wanted” by Jillian Lauren

Coveting:  those that seem to have their lives all planned out, with great careers

Disliking: that I tend to over think some decisions, afraid to disappoint anyone

Giggling: alone in the dark

Feeling: excited about meeting Esther, who just returned from Nairobi. It’s going to be awesome catching up after 5 months

Snacking: on a warm chapatti I found neatly wrapped in foil…you can’t trust me around this time especially with the weather with several cups of tea

Hearing: the neighbours’ dogs barking; he does this all night-I’m used to him, I’d better get some rest…

I’d love to hear all about your plans for this month. What have you been up to?

Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week,



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