Kampala Restaurant Week; For The Love Of Food, Wine and All Things Delicious


Happy International Sushi day! I’d consider Sushi one of the more versatile foods, for only those that are extremely adventurous. However, we’re seeing it enter the realm of mainstream dining. This feels like the perfect time for me to rave about Yujo Sushi Bar and Izakaya!

We just came from a mouth-watering Kampala Restaurant week (Kla Restaurant Week) where Yujo Sushi Bar and Izakaya emerged winner with the People’s Choice top restaurant award. There were also some great reviews, on The Lawns, Seven Seas Restaurant at The Sheraton, Mantra and Prunes Café.


Organized by the Pearl Guide, Kampala restaurant week had 40 participating restaurants offering creative dishes from their signature menus to give you a taste of fine dinning in Kampala. The week is just what cafes needed, to attract more regulars to visit their restaurants and enjoy their cuisines, ambiance, and creativity all at a discount.


I had (still have) food jealousy when my friends on Instagram post these appetizing pictures of their meals.

It all happened so fast, I didn’t get a chance to try out two of the restaurants I had hoped to, but had the pleasure of feasting at Yugo, alongside Kampala’s beautiful foodies.




Here we shared our exciting experiences, some more than others.


Yujo Sushi Bar and Izakaya proves that Kla people are curious and eager to try all kinds of cuisines and that the eating-out culture is on the rise.

The buffet they served was wiped clean! We had beef, pork, chicken and of course sushi paired perfectly with a glass of wine.

Kampala Restaurant week was sponsored by Nederburg, that flew in wine-maker Heinrich Kulsen who visited the participating restaurants, offering tips on making the perfect meal.  We met (took the cutest selfies) at Urban by City blue hotel, where he explained about wine pairings for all your dining needs.


Heinrich later also presided over public wine and food tastings at Camel club and La Patisserie where he extensively shared insights on how best to enjoy wines with food. Heinrich’s intimate canape and wine tasting at La Patisserie on Acacia Mall attracted Kla’s beautiful socialites.



I enjoyed learning about the various ways that a meal can be perfectly paired with wine. I’m excited to try a few recipes with wine after understanding the best wine to look out for when cooking.

For cooking he recommended grape varietals like, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay.



Sauvignon Blanc adds racy acidity, which is particularly delicious in seafood dishes or with sauces using heavy cream. Pinot Grigio being the most neutral of the three would be most versatile. Of the three, Chardonnay contributes the most richness.


Are you a sushi lover? Where’s the best place you’ve had sushi lately? Or have you recently discovered and loved it as I have. I’d be delighted to hear about your dining experiences during the Kampala Restaurant week 🙂

Have a fab weekend and stay awesome,


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