Taking Stock 06!

Taking Stock 06

I have a pretty good feeling about May. Happy new month everyone! I’ve never been happier to close the April chapter so I could cat-walk into May more motivated! Mostly because, there are goals I set way back that still feel way out of reach…

Making: exciting plans for this coming mother’s day with my siblings

Cooking Frying: some rice with liver

Drinking: more water; carrying the 1 litre Rwenzori bottle is slightly cumbersome but oh-so worth it

Reading: about how you can make certain tweaks to improve your resume, by demonstrating your skills as accomplishments. It’s also important to cite what differentiates you from others and be more specific.

Wanting: the repairs to our road to move a little faster because the mud or dust every morning and evening is putting a dump on my mood

Looking: for ways to apply my research to generate new ideas and design something new

Playing: see you again by Wiz Khalifa feat Charlie Ruth (also my current ringtone)

Deciding: to try and remain objective and approach one problem at a time, then fix it permanently!

Enjoying: more connections with new people, who I ordinarily wouldn’t have pictured myself, have a 5 minute conversation with.

Waiting: for the pouring rain to die out, so I can head out for my meeting. I’m actually looking forward to this meeting seeing as I’m fully prepared 🙂

Liking: that I’m working with more open-minded individuals, who push me to think outside the box

Wondering: what I’ll wear, to a graduation dinner I’m set to attend later this week

Loving: brighter colours on everything from decor to nail polish right now, after seeing this bright yellow wall at a shop

Considering Analysing: my communication skills with hopes that i’ll break down barriers and help others share as much information as possible

Watching: Season 4, Episode 21 of New Girl

Hoping: for more faith in God through my struggles especially as things aren’t exactly going according to plan; I hope I can find opportunity to grow, despite my not understanding the direction I’m meant to take

Marvelling: this place called Pineapple Bay that I recently spotted on the Pearl Guide website. Take me here anytime, any day please!

Needing: to get more sleep and spend fewer nights up over thinking about everything

Smelling: the most distinct morning scent→ chapatti! I’m picturing myself bite into a hot one in a few minutes

Wearing: more outfits Ug brands, after discovering some really talented Ugandan designers

Following: motivational christian videos by dismotivation whom I discovered on Instagram a while back.

Noticing: there’s so much to get done in the day, that the hours don’t seem to be enough sometimes. I’d like to avoid having it all pile up.

Knowing: I can achieve everything I have planned by taking it one step at a time

Thinking: about utilising my mornings to do some more reading.

Admiring: the work by Esther and her team on this award winning documentary series called Hooked that airs on Urban Tv at 9:30 every Saturday

Sorting: existing opportunities, for more that allow me to do more of what I enjoy doing most

Buying Window-shopping: for blazers and maxi skirts if only my finances weren’t in a deplorable state!

Getting: psyched about an upcoming 5-day workshop I’ve been selected to attend where I get to interract with talented writers and photographers

Disliking: that I haven’t yet found a library stocked with enough books in my area; the hunt continues. I’d love some suggestions on any libraries you visit in Kampala

Opening: up to the idea of taking on more new responsibilities at work, both simple and complex as a way to learn a new skill and add to my list of responsibilities

Giggling Blushing: at this article that mentions my blog as one of Uganda’s top 10 blogs you must follow. I’m deeply honored to feature amongst such amazing bloggers!

Feeling: a little revived from this dark, saddish place by the great music playing on (104.1) Power f.m

Coveting: that I haven’t been fully utilising my daily planner as I should be, which clearly shows as I am way behind schedule on some tasks

Wishing: for more be determination and fire in my belly; to take on more risks, be ambitious and basically get stuff done!

Are you as motivated about getting into the new month? Has it been challenging for you to meet your goals too? Tell me about it!

Have a marvelous month ladies and gents. I read somewhere that if we do what we love rather than what we hate, our strength will come to us sooner than we think. Movement echoes; how you move others, moves you.


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