Taking Stock 05!

Chocolaty Prints Taking Sock 05

April! Happy birthday to you April babies out there. I’ve seen some dope April fools pranks over the years, but this years’ were dull. Maybe next year…

Making Building: on my list of favorite quotes from (books and movies) reminds me of the diary I used to keep back in my primary school days at Taibah Junior. I wonder what happened to that diary. Hmmm

Cooking: cinnamon oats, with banana and honey

Drinking: hot chocolate

Reading: Anne Karenina (Yes I’m still reading this and plan on finishing it) thank you very much

Wanting: to visit and explore more places. I feel like the world is a big town waiting for me to discover it. Sigh!

Looking: forward to going jogging later today…hopefully

Playing: more Ugandan music on my playlists, hoping someone will be kind enough to send me more jams by A-pass.

Deciding: to embrace situations as they come. I’ve been getting several rejections to my requests lately. “No. That’s not how it’s done. Or “No. That’s going to be tricky.” This just inspires me even more.

Enjoying: the scent of clean, fresh air after a rainy day, despite the cold which makes it easier for me to take walks

Waiting: for my avocado and honey mask to dry. I’ve got to get to the bottom of these frequent breakouts on my face! I’m looking into using some natural oils next. You guys have any recommendations?

Liking: that I’m opening up more and meeting all sorts of people; I used to be reticent and guarded-still am actually. The other day in the taxi I sat next to a lawyer who kept trying to bond with me, asking questions that ended up freaking me out.

Wondering: whether I could pull off learning a new foreign language within a year and if I’d sound cool

Loving: the way my hair feels after a good steam with a healthy treatment leave-in

Pondering: whether to get a second ear piercing

Considering: spending more time outdoors with friends, and being a little more open to getting weirder (than usual)

Watching: Community- it’s still hilarious as ever, I like that they keep adding some diverse characters

Hoping: to make enjoyable memories and closer connections with new friends

Marvelling: at two birds outside my window chirping. Lately I’ve been reading up on the bird species in Uganda-fascinating stuff

Needing: to spend less time on Pinterest mostly checking out pastry recipes and fitness tricks –I’m having mixed feelings about fudge cake while picturing myself doing 30 lunges

Smelling: scrambled eggs

Wearing: white cotton socks and layers to keep warm

Following: Young and hungry season 2, I’m ready for another awkward love-rollercoaster between Josh and Gabby

Noticing: how perfect the weather is today seeing as its Easter Sunday

Knowing: it’s better to keep moving forward after something doesn’t work out whilst learning from failure and not letting fear control my decisions

Thinking: about the phone calls to make, emails to send, appointments that need to be made tomorrow

Admiring: photography constantly and the work of different photographers on tumbler, is helping me get inspired in every aspect of my life

Sorting: these pages I’d saved in to separate folders; you ever download a bunch of pages planning to read them later so they keep piling up?

Buying: more junk food than I’d like to, because I plan on burning the calories later he he

Getting: accustomed to a new thought process that involves following my intuitions, discovering new ideas that spur from my daily life experiences

Bookmarking: The Picture Of Dorain Gray

Disliking: the ease with which I eves-drop on people’s conversations, hoping to randomly jump in.

Opening: a can of peanut butter

Giggling: at a funny picture of myself on Instagram: I’m warming up to posting more real-ish pictures if that makes sense. I guess it’s part of accepting myself, “filterless”

Feeling: guilty that I didn’t find time this week to return three books I borrowed a while back.

Snacking: on roasted g-nuts

Coveting: that I haven’t been drinking as much water as I ought to and it shows

Wishing Trying: to figure out which general direction to go towards in my life / career & relationships

I hope this month brings you explainable joys, growth and delight in every aspect of your life. Are you enjoying the new month so far, anything exciting, some new plans? Tell mee…

Enjoy April and stay awesome,


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