Where To Find The Perfect Chicken Pesto Sandwich- Cafe Javas

This week has been HOT! After I mentioned to two ladies that I actually enjoy this kind of weather, each looked at me in utter disbelief. What I should have added, is that I enjoy cool sunny days, over cold and heavy pouring rains. But they wouldn’t hear it…

And so at the end of my busy day, I joined Sydney this evening at Cafe Javas in Kyambogo to cool-off, with a glass of Iced tea. I wasn’t too hungry but wanted to try out something off their new menu.



Cafe Javas has grown into a place that feels like home to be honest, so much so, that I think I’d memorized the menu at some point. For myself, and probably many of you foodies, we’ve watched Javas grow into a favorite eat out spot over the years. At one point Kampala’s “celebrities” were always chilling in the lounge.

It has grown into that place we’re so familiar with, on Sundays for brunch with the family, dinner, for suprice birthday parties, cake and ice cream with the girls to chat about life (and our not-so-successful diets) business meetings, and crazy dates!

“Cafe Javas is the equivalent of Starbucks.” Is what a friend of mine that has lived in Uganda for a few months now had to say. He described the way as he walked out to the washrooms he felt a wave of heat, until he walked back in to the chilled air conditioning.

Here’s my yummy chicken pesto sandwich on lightly toasted brown bread with a glass of Iced Tea 🙂 Have you tried it? What’s your favorite Javas meal?





Customer Care: 3.5/5 It’s always a delight to visit any of the Cafe Javas, where the waiters are courteous, professional and eager to serve.

Location and Scenery: 3/5 Cafe Javas Kyambogo is closest for me to reach from work and home.

Food: 4/5 Their upgraded menu is still within an affordable price range and this has not affected the high quality food

Date-worthy: 4/5 A super-b environment for countless date-nights!

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