Taking Stock 04!

Welcome to March ladies and gentlemen. A new month, with new possibilities- aren’t you excited?  I’m over joyed to share with you the three highlights for me this past month.

  1. My nomination for the Social Media Awards Uganda-For Best Blog/Blogger
  2. My new job, as a communications officer on a project that I will be sharing with you in greater detail soon…
  3. 100 subscribers to my blog!

So if you’re wondering why the lady in the picture above is strangely amused, I hope this makes things clear. *Nods head.

Making: a mental-note to try out this new massage parlor on my street

Cooking: eating a large bowl of cereal

Drinking: a cold glass of ribena

Reading: Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina

Wanting: to go hiking sometime soon

Looking: at old photo albums can spur up a lot of memories

Playing: The Script’s Superheroes

Deciding: what hairstyle, which color of dress and earrings I’ll wear to the Social Media Awards this weekend- yipee

Enjoying: my new sipping rope; a great alternative/supplement to jogging or walking

Waiting: to try out these two great hair products I just got.

Liking: that I’ve managed to commit to my fast this lent season, despite the temptations- SO many temptations.

Wondering: whether to take initiative and make a call to someone for a potential business partnership-but what if he/she says no? Then what

Loving: that my blog was nominated for the Social Media Awards for the award for Best blogger. I received a Tweet from them that made my morning…The fact that I was nominated is all types of awesome enough! Especially amongst such talented gentlemen-plus I’m the only lady 🙂

Pondering: whether my conversations with certain people are as productive as I hope them to be

Considering: spending less time watching series. They’re so hard to resist sometimes, but I must resist, fight, walkaway! 

Watching: Cougar Town. I’m on a mini-marathon, this episode has actually inspired me to get up and go exercise! The power of TV

Hoping: to have gotten so many things done by close of business this evening

Marvelling: at this great combo I just came up with! Rice crispys with mango ice cream and peanut butter-don’t judge me

Needing: more of this facial mask! Avocado and honey make a heavenly pair. If your skin is dry and feeling abit dull lately, try this for an instant bright-effect

Smelling: coconut oil

Wearing: a black and red top, on light blue jeans

Following: more TED talks videos on YouTube, plus The Scoop which has quickly become a favourite for me to hear about how successful entrepreneurs have made in Africa

Noticing: how fast time flies, hence remember to look at the bigger picture and set clear goals and prioritize

Knowing: change is a part of growing up

Thinking: about changing my laptop screen

Admiring: the amazing places captured on my new favourite show, Discover Uganda  Love it, LOVE it!

Sorting: my recent downloads, which seem to be mostly of music-sigh! I’ll be more productive tomorrow

Buying: more hair products!

Getting: inspired to dream more and do more of what I love

Bookmarking: the next discount season at Balungi Uganda, it was in my plans to check them out last weekend but something (a wedding) came up

Disliking: this one annoyingly fast mosquito

Opening: up to the idea of swimming twice a week especially with this heat!

Giggling: at a random remark my sister just made

Feeling: grateful that I get these past few days off as I step into a new role

Snacking: on Safari raisins

Coveting: the unsightly chipped nail polish on my toe nails (I keep having to shift the focus from my toes in conversations)

Wishing: I had different color straps for my favorite Aldo watch-I can only wear the same color so many times…you’ve probably noticed it on Instagram from my latest posts.

Needing: to get a new note pad- It’s fascinating that I scribble my ideas this much

Stay awesome, and have an amazing weekend everyone,



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