A Weekend Gateaway With Family At Garuga Resort Beach

The weekend couldn’t have come first enough, since my family and I had been planning to go away for a while. Family continues to be the one constant in my life; they’re my rock. When all else fails I know I can count on my brother, sister and of course, mum. So we picked a Sunday, away from the boda-bodas, the dust, with our phones turned off (well not all of them) to go chill at Garuga Resort Beach.


We set off at 10:00am, with our big hats, shades and bottles of water ready to hit Entebbe road no matter what. We drove about 10 kms off Entebbe Airport road, along Garuga road, branched left from Kampala at Katabi after the mileage sign post reading 15 kms to Entebbe town and then followed the sign posts that read “Ahead” Spoiler alert they’re about 5 posts, which we figured management cleverly devised to give you twinge of hope that you’re almost there…

Garuga Resort borders Lake Victoria and boasts of its secluded beach making it a definite holiday destination


I was able to lay back and enjoy the tranquility of real country with extensive views of Lake Victoria, inscribed my name on the sand beach, cooled off in the swimming pool and admired the numerous species of birds.

What makes it so relaxing is the feel of peace and serenity in the gardens. There were a couple of families and couples enjoying a picnic with the cool breeze from the lake. The beauty of it all is these huge trees and so much green everywhere.





The sweet sound of the leaves rattling and water waves was something I had been longing for-it has a way of relaxing you.






The food was pretty decent with very limited choice on the menu. They explained that one had to book in advance if they planned on having a special meal prepared.


Though it had this deserted look and feel, their staff was very helpful. The restrooms were not well kept. If you’re looking for relaxing spot, with excellent gardens, for a few hours to escape the city noise this is it!




We were happy as we left and braced ourselves for the rough 10 kilometer drive back into town. A four wheel drive would be best for our next trip there since the road needs to be worked on.



Have you been to any great resorts or gate-a way spots lately? Or even better to the wonderful Garuga? Let me know about your experience in the comments section. Sharing is caring 🙂

Have an awesome week,




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