Have You Tried Sky Lounge Cafe?


We’re actually cruising in 2015 guys, yikes! Feels like the days are racing right? My bestie Esther and I have been meaning to get together since last year (read last week)he he. We both were juggling endless family-related plans, having to put off meeting yet again. We either had a family lunch, barbecue, trip or huge party that we HAD to attend. I’m thankful that my family is close and we make the effort to get together.

After having a relaxing week off, without out setting the alarm for 6: ooam, watching series till morning, making a to-do-list strictly for my pleasure, finding my way around the office this week has been a major adjustment. There was less and less time for me to come up with my 2015 goals. So meeting Esther was just what I needed, to act as a sounding board…

We were not so sure where to go and decided to give Sky lounge Cafe, in Kisementi a shot. Sky Lounge and Cafe is popular for its rooftop view and bar. I’ve heard they make some killer cocktails too.

The cafe is below the bar, with a menu that offers Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine. “Hmmm interesting is what we both thought.”  We opted to try their Indian food.



We ordered the Coconut Chicken curry, tomato and lemon rice with some butter naan. I had mango juice while Esther ordered passion and pineapple juice. I enjoyed my freshly made mango juice without sugar.

My Thoughts:

Customer Care; 3/5 Our waiter was nice enough to caution us to order mildly hot Chicken curry. Our food didn’t take too long to arrive-bravo!

Location and Scenery; 2.5/5 I felt like I was missing out on all the action up at the lounge, but what I really wanted was to have a great meal in a quiet place. I liked how they played with the interior decor that I had to snap a picture of the wall behind me.

Food; 2.5/5 Portions were good and thank goodness at those prices! The entire meal cost about 50,000 Ugx which I found expensive. The Chicken curry had too much oil for my liking. The tomato and lemon rice looked and tasted as great as we anticipated. Great butter naan too, not too thick, not too thin.

Date-worthy; 2.5/5  I’d recommend this for a lunch-date and maybe dinner if you’re familiar with the menu and don’t mind the noise. It was my first time here, so I’ll need to try it out again.

Overall, we were able to talk for hours and enjoyed our diner. I now have my goals for this year ready in case you were wondering.  Have you been to Sky Lounge? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!

Stay awesome,


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