It’s Just Me And These Honey-Glazed Pork Ribs At Endiro Coffee


It’s Christmas! Yay 🙂 The one time in the year you should enjoy as many treats as you would like; without thinking about your waistline.  This year the Christmas mood hasn’t hit me quite as much as last year. One sure way to get me in the mood though is the mention of great food, sugary desserts combined with hearty laughs as I catch up with the girls.


 When deciding where would be perfect for this, there are several choices of restaurants and cafes in Kampala with a variety of cuisines. Endiro Coffee has however has been a repeated choice, for a few times now.

Endiro Coffee is a little haven in a corner, on Cooper road Kisementi, that embraces natures unique design. Beautifully enclosed with large tress, blooming flowers and plants it’s extremely relaxing to have a meal whilst enjoying the refreshing air.

How we usually make the final pick is based on how convenient the cafe is for us to reach, the customer service, and quality food plus of course available sitting. It’s the kind of place with a chill-mood, serene atmosphere, kind of like a Cold Play album; this reference makes so much sense if you’re briskly taking a walk there after work. Well to me anyway…

On this particular day, I opted for  the honey glazed pork ribs with fries. An excellent choice since I was feeling really hungry and almost forgot to snap pictures for Instagram


Debbs, my lunch date had a grilled cheese sandwich, with mango chutney that also comes with fries, or a wrap, salad or fruit. I guess we were both really famished seeing as we cleared our plates.


From their variety of freshly made juices I had the popular Cleanser, made from apples, lemon and mint. Super refreshing 🙂


My Thoughts:

Customer Care; 3.5/5 Great customer care, with really friendly waiters, if i’m handing out gold stars they’d go to Nick and Ken (there is a good chance they’re twins) who make us feel extremely comfortable each time we go to Endiro Coffee. I also appreciate their honest opinions when we ask about their recommendations for the day.

Location and Scenery; 3.5/5 Getting to Kisementi is quite easy from any point of the city. Having a meal with a cool breeze in a serene environment is a huge plus for me.

Food; 3/5 They serve a fair amount of food. My honey glazed pork ribs were tender and tasted great.

Date-worthy; 3.5/5 Depending on your occasion I always find this the ideal spot to meet up with my friends or family to chat and enjoy a happy meal in a serene environment. Not a huge fan of the wooden chairs though (cause we sit there for hours) and as a frequent user of their free WiFi, I wish it was faster :-/

I’ll definitely be going back. Have you been there? What did you get? Let me know your thoughts, in the comment section.  I hope you’re as chill-axed as I am today. Thanks for reading!

Stay awesome,

Karen xxx

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