Blankets & Wine Kampala; Freshly Ground, Wonderful Talent and Beautiful People

IMG-20141214-WA0030 (1) It feels amazing checking off the last item on my to-do list at work today. I can now share with you my experience at yesterday’s Blankets & Wine Kampala. Did you have a great weekend? However great your weekend may have been, I doubt it tops my fun Sunday out at the Uganda Museum grounds in Kamwokya. Hopefully my fatigue from all the shaking and wiggling will eventually wear off- yep, I can dance! I’m however ashamed to confess that this was my first taste of a Blankets & Wine event. Finally hit by the FOMO bug off Twitter, I was determined to see what all the hype was about- in their 8th edition, at what turned out to be colorful event. An inspired choice this turned out to be. Debbs and I arrived at about 2:30 pm and were able to set our picnic blanket down all the way at the very front, by the stage…2014-12-15-08-01-51-809   It helped tremendously when it drizzled for a few minutes because the heat was on a whole other level. There were a few artists; my highlight being South African Afro-fusion band, Freshly Ground of course, who performed many of their songs off their albums Sale el Sol, Nomvula, Radio Africa and Ma’Cheri. IMG-20141214-WA0031 IMG-20141214-WA0032 And I could’t help but sing along to Doo Be Doo, Pot Belly, Waka Waka and Chicken to Change (which is Debb’s favorite). Belinda and I both had to scream ”Your song!” to get her attention for some reason… IMG-20141214-WA0034


I also enjoyed dancing to Chameleon’s Wale Wale and listening to the extremely talented Michael Kitanda. I was amazed that Muthoni Ndonga, CEO and founder of Blankets & Wine managed to bring together a community of musicians, artists (you need to check out Afriart Gallery) and suppliers to share their passions and mingle with their raving fans. She is such an inspiration♥ 20141214_180755 20141214_144635

The Uganda Museum grounds were filled with beautiful ladies →Kampala breeds some really attractive babes. True story ya’ll! Clad in their stylish outfits from patterned jumpsuits, colorful maxi dresses, hot pants with prints, bold crop tops, and the guys rocking their aviator shades…hot daamn! 20141214_165801   Also managed to get a shot of Lawrence a.k.a Renzioni Hill! He is a personal stylist and beautician and one of my favorite designers. His personal style is fearless yet simple with a bold splash of color. Love it! Sure he has big plans for 2015. Can’t wait!20141214_182926   20141214_182916 If you enjoy using Instagram as much as I do, you were bound to spot more than a few of your followers, which is always a delight.20141214_165804 The place was also buzzing with many of Kampala’s celebrities and quite a few foreigners/expatriates with a surprisingly chilled-atmosphere. 20141214_165743

It was just what I needed to get me into the upcoming festivities 🙂 Have you been to any of the B&W events? Did you miss out? Tell me about your experience! Otherwise, I hope you have a productive week.

Karen xxx

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