My birthday was this weekend and I was so blessed to spend an amazing day with family and friends. There is nothing more a girl can ask for right?

We ate so much that one of my cousins asked the waiter if they had a bed so we could just lay down. We went to Café Javas next to City Oil in Kisementi (Kamwokya)

You see to understand my journey with Café Javas; we would have to go all the way back to when I was at Uni. By then the Javas I loved so much was the one at Bombo road. And then another was set up at Oasis shopping mall and I had to jump on bond due FOMO.

Kampala peeps have a tendency to move from the latest spot in town to the next in a heartbeat. So it gets hard to keep up.

I Had Yummy Black forest cake

Back at Uni I didn’t go to many cafes or restaurants, so my discovery of Café Javas was purely on recommendation from a friend. And back then all I hoped for in a great restaurant was a huge pile of food regardless of the quality of taste. So I got into a taxi from campus one weekend and met with a friend at Café Javas Bombo road, where I ordered a Chicken burger with fries.

I had never eaten so much at pocket-friendly prices and treated like I mattered. The food was just amazing and the service was exceptional and fast. Another thing I remember about it was they had great customer care plus, it was nice and clean. I was hooked.

Fast-forward to today, where I have remained a loyal customer to Café Javas, particularly for their chicken Cajun salad (which is what I ordered at lunch on Saturday) with a Very Berry Smoothie(YUM!). It used to come with two strawberries which I really loved. Don’t know why I didn’t get any this time-it being my birthday! Guess they didn’t get the memo…

My other go-to picks on the menu usually are: Iced tea, Tuna melt sandwich, Chicken sub, and Ice-cream with cookies, their white forest cake is my sister’s fave, but i personally love the chocolate fudge.


Very Berry Smoothie

I have always loved their serving portions which are big so I usually walk out with a take away. I think my favourite location is Kisementi (Kamwokya) cause of the interior decor. They really did a great job with it. It was surely was a memorable birthday 

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