4 Simple Lessons Fashion Week Taught Me ( Street Style)

If you’re like me then stumbling upon statement-making accessories and outfits makes your busy days a whole lot brighter.
The best place to look for the best style at fashion week can be at the street. Street style is where the trend setters and those who create the rules of the game showcase how it’s done. And they do it with such ease!
Street style stars make the statements, right before reviews are given on the runway collection.

October is my birthday month and so if I had a genie to grant me three wishes, this is where they’d come from.

These are the top 5 ensembles that were perfect lessons on fashion basics for me from this year’s Fashion week(New York, Paris,London and Milan).


Whether it’s your everyday bag, your evening bag, weekend bag, or just a collection of bags in your wardrobe, I’m sure you have a favourite.

Is it a clutch, envelope, wristlet, cross-body, bucket, satchel, saddle, baguette…need I go on? Just kidding that’s all I got.
I don’t really have my handle on the bag-lingo, but sure can see what looks good!

These bag-shapes are the truth!


Black Doctor bag, Dark-blue Frame bag, Maroon Baguette


I’m in love with these four color outfit combinations that scream cool-girl. They each make it easy to turn the looks into a day or night look (as in no need to change into something for the evening)

Play with Pink shades on black if you’re an absolute pro at mixing and matching. I find that it makes such a huge statement when done right.

A white-print T on a purple knee length skirt is a simple way to make an outstanding style statement. Especially when paired with a flower print blazer.
Leather on white is a definite way to get fashionable attention. Add a fitted jacket while at work and touches of sparkle when meeting your girlfriends for drinks.

What I love about all four outfits is that you can toss on a blazer while at the office, for a more professional look then leave it on the chair and catwalk out to meet with the girls for drinks after (wink wink)

Play with Pink shades and black, orange and green, purple and white with flower prints and black leather on white


Being a girlish typa chick, I took liking to the Bohemian style a while back for some reason. There’s something about a flowing dress or skirt that brings out the free spirit in me (plus, they’re eye-catching)

I think anything that is floor-length with quality fabric and has layers makes me feel all-princessy. From plaid print to suede-finished designs, there are just so many ways to tweak this into your personal style.


Chiffon Skirt Chiffon Embroidered Maxi Skirt Silk Maxi Skirt


A crisp white button down blouse or shirt is a classic closet staple just like the right pair of denim jeans with the right fit. It looks chic, for almost any occasion, suits all ages especially if you’re trying to achieve a variety of looks (I’m always doing that)

You could pair it with a pencil skirt for office, tie it up on a maxi skirt, pair it up with jeans, add some flare on a pant suit or go all white, roll up the sleeves, or pair it with a colored blazer or comfy sweater the options are overwhelming!

These are four perfectly done-up looks that will serve as inspiration the next time I would like to attempt this look.



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