Where It All Began- Welcome!
Here’s to new beginnings

If there is one thing I have always wanted to do its to start a blog! Writing was on of the things I enjoyed doing at high school- creative writing to be exact. I don’t know how good I was but if memory serves me right, mine was one of the stories that were read out loud to the class. Heheh
I had a blog waaaay back at school but can’t even remember the name. It died and was buried *moment of silence for the forgotten blog

I was recently having a chat with my big brother about how he used to love the fact I could write now and then. He was really disappointed that I had just slumbered and only jot down thoughts in my journal once in a while.
He challenged me to write! Just write about anything. To quote him after I asked what I could write about he said “I don’t know Karen, there’s a lot of girly stuff you’re always up to. Find a way to put that in words but make it enjoyable.”

So I set out the next morning to check out some of the Ug Bloggers who were actually easy to find on twitter. I was able to read some amazing and creatively written blogs that inspired me even more to start right away!

I knew what I wanted and now needed to simply put it all together. Join me as I explore and learn about different cuisines, try out hair and beauty treatments, find my way around the fashion world as well as the other things I love.

That’s me in a nutshell…

I hope you enjoy reading xxx

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